Welcome! (and short instructions for use)

Welcome to Guitare Soukous!
The goal of this website is to share my efforts to learn how to play and better understand what we call here soukous guitar, so what you can do here is primarily watch videos and read articles that hopefully will help you learning a little more about that.

Welcome! (and short instructions for use)

Latest Video

Finally, back online after a long gap, with two main goals:

one, make the old content available, with blog posts and links to the videos; two, work on improving the web site by adding and reorganizing the content and improving the structure and graphics.

The migration to this new platform was not as smooth as I would have liked it and several things are not working yet. One of those is the contact form, but you can always send me a message on the youtube channel or at the gmail address for user name 'guitaresoukous'.

Hope you find this useful.

Instructions for beginners

I receive more requests for lessons or advices than I would have ever imagined so I might as well answer here and summarize the various answers I have been giving so far.

First, I am flattered by those requests.
Second, I am not exactly a music teacher, I am not giving guitar lessons in person or online and never did.
That's the short answer, if you don't need advices for beginners from an amateur guitarist you can stop reading here.

If you are interested, then click here.