After receiving many messages on this topic I have been thinking about two or three tutorial videos on the basics of soukous guitar as I understand it.

The first one would be about scales, providing a method to learn how to use the basic diatonic scale in soukous soloing. The idea would be to do everything in C major, then the viewer can transpose to other keys when practicing at home.
The content should be:

1. C major scale, single notes, shapes on the fretboard both horizontal (single string) and vertical (over 4 or 6 contiguous frets), one simple example with a line played over a I-IV-V-IV progression
2. Two notes scales. For each scale give a quick example of how to play it horizontally and vertically and play the same line used as an example before using only the specific scale. The scales should be:
2.a Thirds
2.b Fourths
2.c Sixths
2.d Octaves
3. Use all the scales to improvise the line previously introduced as an example over the chord progression

The second one would be about chords. The goal is to learn the basic chord shapes and positions and show how to use them in a soukous solo with an example.
1. Introduce a short solo over a I-IV-V-IV progression
2. Show the basic major chord shapes on the fretboard
3. Show how to derive the solo previously introduced from the chord shapes

The third one would deal with the rhythmic patterns more commonly found in the solos of the main soukous guitarists. I have to work a little more on this idea.

If you have any idea or advice, or material that you would like to share, or even if you just think that this is a good idea (or a bad one)  please drop me a message using the contact form. It takes time to do this and any indication from you will be helpful in going through the process.