After a long break, a line from a youtube video of guitarist Arc en Ciel (I don't know his real name or his bio, if you know anything about him please drop me a message).

The progression is I-V-IV-V in B, so B - F# - E - F#.

He works in a very simple and effective way around the basic B major chord shape playing a line using intervals of thirds and fourths, anything that fits the chord shape easily.

After going through some of Flamme Kapaya's solo this one is not impressive but it captures that style in a very useful way, showing how much you can do with a very simple approach, a little melody and a good sense of rhythm.

PS In the meantime I added a new transcription from the great rehearsal video of Flamme Kapaya. It is a typical unison line followed by a rhythmic part, with the energy and speed typical of Kapaya. Here.

Also, I found out that Arc en Ciel is known as Steve Bikorino and as Petit Makaba, but nothing yet about the song.

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