I made this video as a modest homage to the late Tabu Ley, recently passed away.

The song is "Kaful Mayay", with a nice ternary rhythm like those typical of West Africa or Ethiopia, but the sound is 100% congolese.

It should be Michelino Mavatiku Visi on guitar.

The progression is a I-IV-V in C.

The C major scale is used in 6ths in the intro and in its harmonized form in the solo.

 The intro plays a line in 6ths around the first position C shape on the 12th fret and at first I thought there was a third as well, then I concluded that there is a second guitar playing exactly the same line, with a little delay, one octave lower, and when the line goes too low they just switch to single note. Very clever and intuitive once you get it. You could play the same thing with just one guitar but the fingering would be uncomfortable, or you could use a pedal to add the lower octave (or play the lower and add the higher one with the pedal, but the main voice seems to be the higher one). The lower voice also is slightly delayed compared to the other.

The rhythm guitar line is very nice and it swings over triplets/sextuplets with a great use of legato and pauses, often times just implying the notes instead of playing them. A great job, it really propels the rhythm and made it difficult for me to synch the other lines without the drums and with the very poor monitoring that I use to make these video.

I am planning to do a follow up video using the solo in this song as an example of harmonization of the C diatonic major scale (harmonization de la gamme de C majeur). That is going to be the next demo. It should be useful if you don't know those things already.

At the same time I am trying to figure out a way to analyze and summarize the typical rhythmic patterns of sebene solos. If you have any idea let me know. I am temporarily lost on that front.

I added the tabs of some of the lines in the video page and I am planning to do the same with all the older videos so check them out. Next to get the tabs should be one of Beniko Popolipo's videos. It's going to take a while to update all of them.

Here the link to the video.

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