Welcome to Guitare Soukous!
The goal of this website is to share my efforts to learn how to play and better understand what we call here soukous guitar, so what you can do here is primarily watching videos and reading articles that hopefully will help you learning a little more about that.

The second main purpose of this site is to get some feedback, suggestions, information that you would like to share, so you can:

  • sign up (not ready yet). I don't want to know your name or any sensitive information. Create an account providing just an email address and you will receive nothing more than sporadic email notifications for new videos or new post while I will have a better idea about who is more interested
  • vote the polls, mainly about the next transcription
  • write, by using the contact form to provide suggestions, requests, to say hello or to propose something
  • comment (tbd), in the posts so that we all can have some form of conversation about the music
  • donate, any amount safely through paypal. That way you can support and encourage this effort, or simply show your appreciation for something that you liked and provided some value to you