New upload and other sparse notes

First, I uploaded the fourth and last part of Pile Ou Face, simple and effective, 100% Makaba style. Here the link.

A little warning: I included a couple extra "interpretations" that account for the ghost notes that I actually hear in the orgy of harmonics but he probably didn't play. In addition, I now believe that he actually plays over the G chord moving down to the 15th fret instead of moving up to the 19th the way I did cramming my fingers up there.

New Upload - Alain Makaba

The poll has spoken: Pile ou Face. It's not a really large sample but it's valid nonetheless.

I am about to upload the third part of Makaba's transcription. The transcription itself (music score) is correct but I recorded the video first and I have then come to the conclusion that the part is actually played on single notes and there is a second guitar overdubbed, instead of being played two strings at a time the way it is in my video (mostly 3ds and 4ths intervals). Also I don't like the fingering that I picked in the video, I believe that the line that is on the V (of the I-IV-V-IV sequence) should be played without those three notes in sequence with the same left hand finger. But it's all good. I rather work on a new transcription than spending more time re-doing the video of an old one that needs only a little caveat.

You can decide by yourself which option you prefer, the notes are all there, one way or another.

Finally, I am quite disappointed by the sound of my guitar. I promise: no more guitar directly connected to the recorder.

Here the link.

Your requests

In the last few months I received requests to post a video transcription of many songs and artists.

I already transcribed a few of those and it is very unlikely that I will be able to transcribe all of them, but I definitely find all of them very interesting so a way to make a decision is to gauge your preferences.

I am putting on the main page a poll with a list of the top 20 candidates so that you can express your preference. That does not mean that you will see the top of the list immediately transcribed, but almost.

If you want to say something more than just voting you can always send a message using the contacts form.

As usual your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

Difficulty Levels

I have been asked for advice by beginner players and it is always difficult to give a short and effective answer.

First, I am not a music teacher and here I am dealing with transcriptions, not with a learning method, although transcribing is one of the pillars of the curriculum in many prestigious music schools.

I am tempted to say that learning how to play guitar first is not strictly necessary in order to play Soukous guitar but it definitely helps a lot (I hope the irony does not get lost).

New post: Pile Ou face

Just uploaded the first part of a new transcription. It's Alain Makaba at his best: Pile Ou Face.

Another bible of soukous guitar condensed in a single song.

The sound is crystal clear, the execution clean and precise, and the notes are the pure dancing joy that hits all those who fall in love with this music. Of course I am talking about the original, which you can find here, and not about my video which is only meant to provide a little help for those who want to learn the lead guitar part.

I have to say again that Alain Makaba is incredibly clean and precise, probably using a pick perfectly flat on the string with a very clear attack, and I am not even close to his sound, even because he has a very modern strato+RolandJC120 sound (my guess) while I have a little tube amp and a guitar that plays very well but, because of very cheap pick ups, does not sound good at all without boxes and fluff. But it's not the gear that makes the sound, I have experienced this many times (lend your stuff to somebody who plays better than you) and I have no doubt that Alain Makaba would sound just the same even with my guitar.

The song is in C and the chord progression is I-V-IV-V. The solo is played around the chord position, as it is typical of many players, with combinations of short arpeggios, slides and short scales. The guitar sounds doubled on one part (not in this first video) but Makaba is a master of ghost notes so he is able to skip notes in the arpeggios and still make you hear them, to the point that I believe in some case I heard and transcribed more notes that he actually played.

I still have to figura out how to enable comments in this website (Joomla!) but if you have any comment or feedback you can use the contacts form (check the main menu above).