Pile Ou Face part 2

I declared closed the poll and posted part 2 of Alain Makaba's transcription (I will upload it on youtube as well soon).

It is still I-V-IV-V in C major, relatively simple to play using just two positions and a little stretch and extremely effective with all the right ringing bells.

The fingers are a little tight above the 15th fret and it is not easy to show the movements clearly enough in the video but the support of the score and tabs should make up for that.

Pile Ou Face - part 4 of 4

A little warning: I included a couple extra "interpretations" that account for the ghost notes that I actually hear in the orgy of harmonics but he probably didn't play. In addition, I now believe that he actually plays over the G chord moving down to the 15th fret instead of moving up to the 19th the way I did cramming my fingers up there.