Luxembourg Koko Kimbangu Solo Pentatonic (I guess)

Transcription and re-play of his audition with Werrason.


You can watch this at 720p so that the sheet is easy to read.

If you think that there is a different, better way to play this I encourage you to share your point of view with a video or a transcription.

Kimbangu is good and is improving and his video is a good opportunity to hear the guitar not overwhelmed by the rest of the band and see his approach on the fretboard and also his picking style, which makes the difference in driving the rhythm and the sound.

Audition with Werrason available here:

If you are interested and have the patience there is more in this "barbershop session" here:

Transcription: part 1 of 5

The original speed is around 110-115 bpm

I struggled a little bit with the speed ending up using more alternate picking than he does and that, believe it or not, changes the sound for worse. This is a good reminder of the kind of energy you need to play for serious dancing crowds.